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Mission Statement

USSO AGRO Livestock Cooperative creating a positive atmosphere and infrastructure in the country of Somalia that encourages the sustainable and healthful production and processing of livestock, in order to more efficiently feed the people of the country of Somalia and to bring gainful employment in the meat complex of that region.


USSO AGRO Livestock Cooperative Inc. seeks to create a sustainable proteinĀ  complex in the Somalia region of Africa, that will significantly improve the availability of safe and healthful protein, in various forms (sheep and goats), to the people of that region and the middle east, with additional markets to be reviewed and considered at a later date.

The extreme need for employment and a stable and healthy protein supply in this area is imperative. Creating this type of industry will bring a more stabilized economy and healthier sustainable food supply to the region.

This livestock complex will be structured as a vertically integrated program that will include proper livestock breed selection; raised on rich, well established pastureland and supplemented with specialized feed rations for palatability.

By-product production such as goat's milk, goat cheese, offal products, hides, etc. will be collected, processed for consumption and sold as the project matures in its later stages.

Livestock will be harvested and processed in a local plant(s) that will be constructed according to the demands of the marketplace with the resulting product sold and shipped to the regional marketplace.